The Abundance Formula

If you are a holistic practitioner or entrepreneur, you really want to hear this….There’s a new era of authenticity and connection in creating a conscious business.. Recently I learned from  some great leaders on the Enlightened Business Summit what enlightened and conscious business really means…..

Enlightened Business means having a business model that is being in right alignment with who you are and who you want to be in the world so it’s not just about bringing in money.  It’s about being clear about your passion, what you love to do, how you want to serve the world and give and also The Abundance Formulabeing intentional in creating the business you want to proper.It’s building your business around your ideal life – like more time with your family and your relationships, more time for self or spiritual growth more fun and freedom- it’s about building a successful business with freedom instead of sacrifice.

A lot of people don’t have a life vision incorporated with their business. Instead they are  operating their business from how much money they can make – and becoming a slave to making money. It’s not true success if your model isn’t in alignment with the life you want. If you are not conscious of your vision and higher purpose;  you could be wildly successful in a business model that you hate or you might find yourself constantly stuck and wondering why you are not getting the success you want. It is because the model is not in right alignment with who you really are in the world and what your supposed to do in the world and the universe will keep putting up blocks until you get there. So your first step is to get clear who you really are and why you are here on this planet at this time. What is the work you are meant to do? What is the impact you are here to do and at what level?

The Abundance Formula – 4 Critical Elements to being successful:

1. Be on purpose and follow your passion: it is so important to do what you love. A medical researcher, Dr. Mark Gerstein did some research on ER patients.He checked many factors – if you smoked,checked overweight, checked positive mental attitude, if you were happy in relationships, The number one and only factor that determined how much you get sick and how quickly you’ll recover from sickness; is whether you’re happy in your work. This means …loving what you do is imperative not only to financial success, but to health and joy as well.

Take some time to begin your own self exploration for your purpose  and look for patterns in your answers:

* If had all the money I needed, what kind of work (volunteer or paid work) would I do without being paid?

* What did I used to do that I loved doing,  that I stopped doing?

* What do I love talking about?

* What kind of things/activities/experiences energize me and make me feel valuable or important?

2. Be of service: How can I be a resource? How can I help?

3. Create systems to support your prosperity:  Manifest a magnetic mindset-creating a set of empowering beliefs to support you and foster success

4, Marketing is Key- Become a student of great marketing techniques to create wealth and how to reach your ideal clients. Marketing is your key to get your gifts out into the world.

Wishing you great abundance and happiness…






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