Being present is one of the secrets to feeling empowered and magnetic in your life. By presence, I mean when you are engaging in your life exactly as it is; you stop feeling victim to the world. Here’s an example: You’re stuck in a long line at the grocery store. You could choose to feel irritated and complain about it, or you could choose to surrender and even choose to enjoy it. You could read a magazine while waiting, listen to some music on your phone or make a phone call.

We forget that right now is all we really have. this moment is really it. What if we moved from complaining, scheming, hoping, wishing for things to be different to…fully engaging in life exactly as it is? If you’re bitching and complaining , you are literally missing out on life. You can not manifest what you want from that negative space of not enough. By allowing yourself to experience more presence and accept what is now; you will be more relaxed and things will flow much more easily into your life in that place of appreciation for what is. You will be more fully engaged and grateful and much more likely to attract abundance into your life, as you energy shifts.

Here are some fun and simple ways to practice presence:

1.When you are connecting with anyone, withhold judgement. Practice simply being there and enjoying yourself and the person you are with. This is it- enjoy what is.

2. At home, practice cooking, cleaning up, making your bed… with presence – allow yourself to be present. Smell the great smells of the food, enjoy what it feels like to tidy up and see a neat bed. Enjoy the isness of those simple things.

Practicing presence has a powerful impact in your personal relationships and business networking as well.  It’s because…you are fully there.  Anyone you engage with, will feel your authentic presence in the way you listen and genuinely care. People will connect with you and feel drawn to you – “like a magnet”.  That’s a pretty great result for just a simple act  called presence.

Wishing you great abundance and happiness..

Ruth Stern



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