Notes from Panache Desai- inspirational visionary and teacher

Ancient yogis and mystics knew that we inhabited a vibrational universe and a vibrational reality. And knew we are our deepest resonance we are all energy.Quantum physicists are beginning to prove what the ancient mystics have known for thousands of years. The greatest level of which any transformation can occur, is at the vibrational level. When we are chanting, meditation, yoga, prayer, energy techniques (EFT, Reiki etc.); all these things are really vibrational practices to shift us at that core level. There is no greater power or greater connection than to be in harmony with oneself, which is to fully embrace all that we are, because we are beautiful. The key to unlocking who we are; , is acceptance and acceptance of our feelings. What we do instead, is judge our anger, judge our fear, we overly compensate for our insecurities. When you are triggered by a negative situation, you get an immediate visceral or vibrational reaction that’s being triggered insideof you. so emotions are energies in motion. Emotions want to move, but we stuff or suppress instead. The emotions literally form a weight in our bodies. We don’t allow emotions to happen, they’re not bad ,they’re just energy.

We can only ever be who we are, and at some point that has to be good enough. The natural state is oneness with all life and what we’re doing is returning to that oneness withal life – that’s why we love begin in nature or being with pets, because they’re in harmony. We’re the only specie not in harmony with ourselves. The dog, the trees, the sky are just there in the moment. We have ability to be that way too.The more we embrace who we are and open up that vibrational dimension, we flow with life; things become possible that were once impossible for us.

We are not our stories, we are not our conditioning, we’ve taken on the limitation from others instead of believing in that limitless potential from our higher source, that we were born to be. Everything in life is a call to bring you to something greater.

Imagine, Panache says, if you woke up the next day, and you completely loved and accepted yourself. Just imagine the power and possibility of that. To shift into that kind of positive energy, there are many things we can do:

First is to be aware of your breath- that awareness is the knowing that life itself is a living meditation

#1 – Stop and slow down- chill for a few moments

#2 – embrace our feelings – feel it and embrace it. Whatever you embrace the feeling (like fear or anger), it no longer has the power over you. Use EFT to tap through and move through the feeling.

#3 – recognize difficult times are an opportunity- feel and embrace and not stuff the feelings- when you look back at it later, you have the choice to see it as a pivotal moment in your development

#4 – Write down this difficult situation you have and when you are ready, ask: “If there a lesson or gift here, what would it be?”



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