Create a Great Income By Retraining Your Brain

Create a Great Income By Retraining Your Brain

This month’s blog is information I learned from John Assaraf. John was one of key speakers in the movie, The Secret. He is a researcher of human behavior and how we can use the brain to release blocks to success. He is also a highly successful entrepeneur/ multi millionaire and best selling author. In this newsletter, I present his information on winning the game of money by changing your inner game and your neuro-pathways.

When you get that your inner game (your thoughts, your habits and perceptions) is the critical foundation to earning a lot more income; your ability to raise your prosperity.

Here are some steps you can already take to change your inner game to increase your income (from John Assaraf’s lecture)

1. Look at your salary right now- know that the amount you are generating is a result of what you’ve been doing in the past. We think thoughts and do repetitive actions to create what we have. So, for example, if you want to triple your income, you need to start by changing the mental image of what you want by actually being there ( as if you have already arrived).
Write down exactly what your life looks like at 3X your current income. What are doing, where are traveling, what are you wearing, what charities do you serve…Write it down as if were a script being read by a Hollywood actor- make it so clear.

2. Look at your script 2-3X a day- this is your mental rehearsal. Read it, feel it, and act as if you are going to get 10 million dollars to act out this role. As you do the mental rehearsal, you are actually creating neuro-pathways in the brain, that helps you focus on what you are reading, emoting and visualizing. The brain has the ability to take something you do repetitively and then make it automatic. Once it’s automatic, then your brain starts to look for things in the physical world that match with your new mental images that you’ve given it.

3. Ask yourself – what do I have to believe in order for that new image, new life and income to be real? What do I have to believe about myself, and the possibilities of this happening? Every day, as you rehearse this role as if it were true, you also look at the beliefs you need to make it real. So , now you are tying in from an emotional and neurological perspective, the beliefs you need to have, as if it was real.

The real manifestation for tripling your income doesn’t come from learning more strategies and tactics; it comes from your inner game. Do you know 2 or 3 things you could and should be doing that would help make 10 or  20% more income right now; from all the workshops and DVD programs you have learned from? Most of us would say Yes. The reason you’re not applying what you know, is because of your automatic thoughts and habits your currently hold. Once you reprogram your brain, you create different results.

When you have a great vision and hold thoughts like “I’m not enough”,’not smart enough” …it’s chaos in the brain. And the brain defaults to your comfort zones. But when you align what you want, your vision and new habits, with retraining your brain at the subconscious level, you now create alignment where both parts of the brain work in synchronicity. And then, the strategies and tactics will fall into place much more effortlessly.

I love his idea of mentally rehearsing as if…. I personally practice daily visualizations to manifest my goals and have seen miraculous results. John Assaraf  is now very involved with brain research to support all of this. Very exciting information to help us become even more successful!

To Your Success , Abundance & Happiness..

Ruth Stern MA

Helping Our Clients: Handling The Insurmountable

Helping Our Clients: Handling The Insurmountable


Brian sought out counseling as he often found himself giving up quickly. He was frustrated with his inability to persevere when things became difficult or what he perceived as overwhelming and insurmountable. And as we worked together he discovered how he held the following  thoughts:
I am not fast or smart enough, I’ll look stupid, It’s easier to settle with what I’m comfortable with

For Brian, step #1 was becoming conscious that the thoughts are what created the feeling that situation is insurmountable.

Step #2 – we looked at the benefits to holding on to these beliefs. For Brian, it was a way to avoid getting out of his comfort zone. This is an important step, as the benefits to holding on to negativity are not obvious, but often a root cause in staying stuck.

Step #3 – He wrote how staying in his comfort zone was hurting him now and in
the future.

Step #4 – Start with one negative belief he holds, that he wants to change. Write down , how can  I reframe this situation or the way I see myself , to feel less triggered and overwhelmed? Realizing that he can persevere when he creates thoughts to foster himself or the situation diminishes his fear to move forward.

Write down what one thing he could do or say to himself to release some of the discomfort around this situation now. He used the following questions to reframe:

*  What is one small step I could take to make this task easier or less fearful?

*  What is one thing I need to say to myself to give myself more peace or be easier on myself?

Step #5 – This is something I just recently added in my own meditation. Repeating the words…Release.. peace…I choose release…I choose peace…. These simple words can also assist the client in releasing the negative chatter.

Setp #6 – Record what he did differently and celebrating himself for taking any kind of step to move through the fear and and handle what he once thought was insurmountable.





A Key Element To Manifest Your Goals

A Key Element To Manifest Your Goals


It’s consistency that makes change.

When you decide to follow through on a goal (losing weight, starting a yoga practice, becoming more assertive etc.), you have to create steps to make it happen. And the only way you can be more assured that you will manifest this goal, is to consistently focus on it daily , so it is forefront in your mind. Otherwise, those written down goals become a dusty piece of paper stuck in a drawer somewhere. Does that sound familiar?

In my experience, anything I have manifested began with visioning it with all my senses, so that I could really really feel the essence of how this would make me feel having created it.That excitement and joy gave me the momentum to follow through everyday on my goals. The powerful vision you create is what heightens that internal positive vibration within you. And as the Law of Attraction teaches us; that vibrational signal within you, sends a matching signal to the universe to match it (that is deliberate creation).

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

If you want to create a tone muscular body, you can’t work out when you feel like and hope that you develop that muscle. All trainers will tell you, that you must work out at least 3X a week and within about 2 months time, you will begin to see definition in your muscular structure; as  the results are directly connected to your consistency.

Soul Homework

1. Pick one goal – it can be a small goal – something you are committed to being consistent with now.

2. Visualize it everyday,  as it has already been manifested and feel how wonderful it feels to have created this. Breathe it in, see it and feel it with all your senses. This is really a critical step – you want to really feel it, sense it deeply so that you heighten your own vibration and internal excitement.

3. Post your goal in many places – your phone, your computor, your bathroom mirror- let it be forefront for you everyday. Take one small action a day.. And just watch what happens!




Helping Our Clients To Be Kinder To Themselves

One of the ways we continue to wound ourselves, is holding stories about ourselves. Our story can be “I’m not enough” ; “I can’t be an entrepreneur”; “I’m not complete without a man/woman”; “I have to prove myself” ; “I’m too old”…

Every time we repeat the story, we are hurting ourselves by our thoughts and perceptions, as they dictate our actions and choices.

What is happening in your life right now,  is a direct reflection from the internal belief system or your story.

To change our story we have to be willing to look at it and see how detrimental it is. Stories limit us. Stories lead to depression. We can let go of a story once we have the awareness of the story and clean it out. It is about taking serious responsibility vs. blaming.

So, what is that theme or thing your say over and over to yourself that hurts you? What constant critical or limiting thing do you say to yourself that brings you down? How are you unkind to yourself? How have you abused yourself with thoughts and actions? Are you staying in relationships that are not good for you? Are you always rushing and never allowing moments of peace or presence? Do you say yes when when you mean no?

Write it down and notice it without judgement. Practice saying…”Even though I’m _____, I can learn to love and accept myself anyway”. You want to learn to love yourself through the process, by witnessing what you do and how you think. This is part of self care and self nurturing.

Negative thoughts pollute your psyche and relationships. We can forgive our thoughts and choose love instead. Every fearful thought keeps us from love. Practice saying, “I forgive.. (the thought).”

As you change your mind, who you are changes and you have the power to change everything.

Soul Homework

1. This week – do random acts of kindness for yourself. Cook a meal for yourself. Take that yoga class you’ve been meaning to do, eat slow, burn candles, dance, meditate with your favorite music, eat less sugar, drink less, take a nap, say No.

2. Notice behaviors and thoughts you don’t like (which keeps your story alive) in yourself and say you love yourself anyway. It’s easy to be mean to ourselves, but we have the choice to be loving instead. Be kind and loving to yourself. Dance. Burn candles. Have nice meals. Eat slow. Do random acts of kindness. Get into a state of gratefulness (meditation).

Be kind and loving to yourself and start changing your story!



How To Create a Miracle?

How To Create a Miracle?

Miracles begin when you start to make choices, see things differently, and admit to changing to your mind. The miracle; as Marianne Williamson writes, “is a shift in perception where you move from fear to love”. The ego will creep in and say no. It’s about making that commitment to choose; fear or a loving or peaceful state.Feeding yourself everyday with positive affirmations or some kind of enlightened reading every day will  help make the shift. The more you feed your spiritual tank with “higher level thinking”, you are filling your energy field. When you think high level thoughts, your energy is vibrant! That way, you can tap into positive energy when you want to  make positive choices.

When you work with a positive energy field everything is possible.

We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Use your power to grow, heal and serve. Gratitude is one of the highest states to be in, to manifest.  Gratitude means being grateful just to be here and you find yourself in appreciation for the smallest of things.  When you are grateful your heart opens. When you are grateful, the negative stuff goes away as  you are quieting the ego and you no longer are an energy match for it,  and……

You learn you can smother the darkness you’ve been holding with your inner light.

That is a miracle !

Soul Homework

1. When you notice you are in fearful state or negative state- ask yourself, “What am I thinking to create this feeling”. Write it down.

2. Then ask yourself, “What could I say to myself to give myself peace or heal from this thought now? Write it down.

If you can’t think of a response, tune into your wise guide – vision a very wise spiritual guide and ask him/her the question. The wise guide is really your subconscious that knows the truth and the way out of fear. Then wait for an answer.

3. Use EFT to tap on the limiting blocking beliefs and feelings. CLICK BELOW for a
tapping to release negativity.

3. Another creative thing to do , to move into higher vibration and cultivate a positive energy field; is to get on You Tube and type in abundant manifestations meditations. There are some beautiful music and visualizations to guide you into a higher state of being and feeling.

To Your Happiness and Abundance and Miraculous Life!


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