One of the ways we continue to wound ourselves, is holding stories about ourselves. Our story can be “I’m not enough” ; “I can’t be an entrepreneur”; “I’m not complete without a man/woman”; “I have to prove myself” ; “I’m too old”…

Every time we repeat the story, we are hurting ourselves by our thoughts and perceptions, as they dictate our actions and choices.

What is happening in your life right now,  is a direct reflection from the internal belief system or your story.

To change our story we have to be willing to look at it and see how detrimental it is. Stories limit us. Stories lead to depression. We can let go of a story once we have the awareness of the story and clean it out. It is about taking serious responsibility vs. blaming.

So, what is that theme or thing your say over and over to yourself that hurts you? What constant critical or limiting thing do you say to yourself that brings you down? How are you unkind to yourself? How have you abused yourself with thoughts and actions? Are you staying in relationships that are not good for you? Are you always rushing and never allowing moments of peace or presence? Do you say yes when when you mean no?

Write it down and notice it without judgement. Practice saying…”Even though I’m _____, I can learn to love and accept myself anyway”. You want to learn to love yourself through the process, by witnessing what you do and how you think. This is part of self care and self nurturing.

Negative thoughts pollute your psyche and relationships. We can forgive our thoughts and choose love instead. Every fearful thought keeps us from love. Practice saying, “I forgive.. (the thought).”

As you change your mind, who you are changes and you have the power to change everything.

Soul Homework

1. This week – do random acts of kindness for yourself. Cook a meal for yourself. Take that yoga class you’ve been meaning to do, eat slow, burn candles, dance, meditate with your favorite music, eat less sugar, drink less, take a nap, say No.

2. Notice behaviors and thoughts you don’t like (which keeps your story alive) in yourself and say you love yourself anyway. It’s easy to be mean to ourselves, but we have the choice to be loving instead. Be kind and loving to yourself. Dance. Burn candles. Have nice meals. Eat slow. Do random acts of kindness. Get into a state of gratefulness (meditation).

Be kind and loving to yourself and start changing your story!



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