Miracles begin when you start to make choices, see things differently, and admit to changing to your mind. The miracle; as Marianne Williamson writes, “is a shift in perception where you move from fear to love”. The ego will creep in and say no. It’s about making that commitment to choose; fear or a loving or peaceful state.Feeding yourself everyday with positive affirmations or some kind of enlightened reading every day will  help make the shift. The more you feed your spiritual tank with “higher level thinking”, you are filling your energy field. When you think high level thoughts, your energy is vibrant! That way, you can tap into positive energy when you want to  make positive choices.

When you work with a positive energy field everything is possible.

We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Use your power to grow, heal and serve. Gratitude is one of the highest states to be in, to manifest.  Gratitude means being grateful just to be here and you find yourself in appreciation for the smallest of things.  When you are grateful your heart opens. When you are grateful, the negative stuff goes away as  you are quieting the ego and you no longer are an energy match for it,  and……

You learn you can smother the darkness you’ve been holding with your inner light.

That is a miracle !

Soul Homework

1. When you notice you are in fearful state or negative state- ask yourself, “What am I thinking to create this feeling”. Write it down.

2. Then ask yourself, “What could I say to myself to give myself peace or heal from this thought now? Write it down.

If you can’t think of a response, tune into your wise guide – vision a very wise spiritual guide and ask him/her the question. The wise guide is really your subconscious that knows the truth and the way out of fear. Then wait for an answer.

3. Use EFT to tap on the limiting blocking beliefs and feelings. CLICK BELOW for a
tapping to release negativity.


3. Another creative thing to do , to move into higher vibration and cultivate a positive energy field; is to get on You Tube and type in abundant manifestations meditations. There are some beautiful music and visualizations to guide you into a higher state of being and feeling.

To Your Happiness and Abundance and Miraculous Life!


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