It’s consistency that makes change.

When you decide to follow through on a goal (losing weight, starting a yoga practice, becoming more assertive etc.), you have to create steps to make it happen. And the only way you can be more assured that you will manifest this goal, is to consistently focus on it daily , so it is forefront in your mind. Otherwise, those written down goals become a dusty piece of paper stuck in a drawer somewhere. Does that sound familiar?

In my experience, anything I have manifested began with visioning it with all my senses, so that I could really really feel the essence of how this would make me feel having created it.That excitement and joy gave me the momentum to follow through everyday on my goals. The powerful vision you create is what heightens that internal positive vibration within you. And as the Law of Attraction teaches us; that vibrational signal within you, sends a matching signal to the universe to match it (that is deliberate creation).

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

If you want to create a tone muscular body, you can’t work out when you feel like and hope that you develop that muscle. All trainers will tell you, that you must work out at least 3X a week and within about 2 months time, you will begin to see definition in your muscular structure; as  the results are directly connected to your consistency.

Soul Homework

1. Pick one goal – it can be a small goal – something you are committed to being consistent with now.

2. Visualize it everyday,  as it has already been manifested and feel how wonderful it feels to have created this. Breathe it in, see it and feel it with all your senses. This is really a critical step – you want to really feel it, sense it deeply so that you heighten your own vibration and internal excitement.

3. Post your goal in many places – your phone, your computor, your bathroom mirror- let it be forefront for you everyday. Take one small action a day.. And just watch what happens!




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