This month’s blog is information I learned from John Assaraf. John was one of key speakers in the movie, The Secret. He is a researcher of human behavior and how we can use the brain to release blocks to success. He is also a highly successful entrepeneur/ multi millionaire and best selling author. In this newsletter, I present his information on winning the game of money by changing your inner game and your neuro-pathways.

When you get that your inner game (your thoughts, your habits and perceptions) is the critical foundation to earning a lot more income; your ability to raise your prosperity.

Here are some steps you can already take to change your inner game to increase your income (from John Assaraf’s lecture)

1. Look at your salary right now- know that the amount you are generating is a result of what you’ve been doing in the past. We think thoughts and do repetitive actions to create what we have. So, for example, if you want to triple your income, you need to start by changing the mental image of what you want by actually being there ( as if you have already arrived).
Write down exactly what your life looks like at 3X your current income. What are doing, where are traveling, what are you wearing, what charities do you serve…Write it down as if were a script being read by a Hollywood actor- make it so clear.

2. Look at your script 2-3X a day- this is your mental rehearsal. Read it, feel it, and act as if you are going to get 10 million dollars to act out this role. As you do the mental rehearsal, you are actually creating neuro-pathways in the brain, that helps you focus on what you are reading, emoting and visualizing. The brain has the ability to take something you do repetitively and then make it automatic. Once it’s automatic, then your brain starts to look for things in the physical world that match with your new mental images that you’ve given it.

3. Ask yourself – what do I have to believe in order for that new image, new life and income to be real? What do I have to believe about myself, and the possibilities of this happening? Every day, as you rehearse this role as if it were true, you also look at the beliefs you need to make it real. So , now you are tying in from an emotional and neurological perspective, the beliefs you need to have, as if it was real.

The real manifestation for tripling your income doesn’t come from learning more strategies and tactics; it comes from your inner game. Do you know 2 or 3 things you could and should be doing that would help make 10 or  20% more income right now; from all the workshops and DVD programs you have learned from? Most of us would say Yes. The reason you’re not applying what you know, is because of your automatic thoughts and habits your currently hold. Once you reprogram your brain, you create different results.

When you have a great vision and hold thoughts like “I’m not enough”,’not smart enough” …it’s chaos in the brain. And the brain defaults to your comfort zones. But when you align what you want, your vision and new habits, with retraining your brain at the subconscious level, you now create alignment where both parts of the brain work in synchronicity. And then, the strategies and tactics will fall into place much more effortlessly.

I love his idea of mentally rehearsing as if…. I personally practice daily visualizations to manifest my goals and have seen miraculous results. John Assaraf  is now very involved with brain research to support all of this. Very exciting information to help us become even more successful!

To Your Success , Abundance & Happiness..

Ruth Stern MA

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