Discover Your Soul’s Goals for 2014

Discover Your Soul’s Goals for 2014

Today I have a question for you to think about as you go into the New Year…a question that I feel is a really important question for you to ask as you begin the year.

Who does your SOUL want you to BE in 2014?  By soul…I mean the essence of who you are.

I recently was watching an episode from Harry Potter ….. believe it or not, there are some very beautiful deeper meanings in those stories. In this one scene the headmaster is talking with Harry and telling him about the deeper meaning of the magic mirror. He says..” when you look in the shows us nothing more or less , than the deepest and most desperate desires of our hearts…”

And so, I ask you to look at your deepest desires from your heart , which is much deeper than wanting more money, a new home etc. While any goal is valid…things that we want outside of ourselves are limiting and ultimately derived from our ego instead of our soul. Our deepest are the soul’s goals. It is the qualities that you want in order to feel really happy and fulfilled.

How to discover your soul’s goals?

Write down what you want for 2014. For example, you might want to lose a certain amount of weight. Then ask yourself: What feelings would I have if I lost weight. It might be, feeling more intense vibrancy or feeling more self confident or feeling freer in your own body. Those feelings are your soul’s goals.  Those feelings that you identify; will actually help you in attaining your goals much more powerfully.

Allow yourself to see and feel the difference as an example:

I am losing this weight – I am now_130____pounds    vs.

I am now_130___pounds and feel so vibrant, sexy  and free in my body. My  outside body now matches the inside of me.

Do you feel the difference? This is a practice I do everyday; where I visualize every day – from my soul’s desire or the essence of what I really want; as this is your center for manifestation.

It is so important to look at who we want to BE instead of what we want to DO…it can make all the difference in how your year goes. And adding in who your SOUL or INNER WISDOM wants you to be, will lead you into a life with deeply held desires, remarkable visions and your truest, most important dreams.

With love and happy new year….

Ruth Stern


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