3 Steps To A Spiritual Practice

3 Steps To A Spiritual Practice


I have probably been a spiritual seeker since my college days…wanting to understand life and have greater meaning and joy in life. The more I learn and practice, the more I live my purpose and feel more joy. And I love sharing and learning with others about spiritual growth and transformation. There is so much available to us to enrich our soul, our spirit..the essence of who we are,

Today’s video is great if you have clients who are seekers as well; and of course for you as well. I will share a simple spiritual practice created by Elizabeth Lessor, the co-founder oft he Omega Institute. You will learn 3 simple steps for a spiritual practice.

Manifestation Meditation

One of the most powerful ways to manifest what you desire is through visualization. In the video below, you will have a mediation/visualization to increase your ability to attract your goals.  This is all about energy. When you change your energetic vibration within, you become a magnet to the universe. And we know from the Law of Attraction, that what you focus on, you get more of. To begin to see results, I suggest doing this for at least 21 days and then watch what happens. The power of manifesting visualizations is really miraculous.

Wishing you great abundance!



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