5 Steps To Magnetize Your Ideal Clients!

5 Steps To Magnetize Your Ideal Clients!

5 Steps to Magnetize Your Ideal Clients!

Attracting Ideal Clients is often a problem for entrepreneurs – I believe your clients are waiting for you…and today’s blog gives you some great steps in how to magnetize your clients. It’s about creating a space within you, that is the authentic energetic YOU!

Who you are is reflected by what you say, what you write …how you relate and how you connect with others. That magnetic space you stay in, shows up in your website, opt-in gifts, your social media posts and networking.

So, here it is, the 5 steps to magnetize your ideal clients.

Step 1: Raise Your Own Vibration – 2 things you can do easily: 1-focus on what things you LOVE to do and ways that you LOVE to serve others and you’ll instantly be able to jump into a more magnetic vibration that’ll bring clients to you like flies to honey. 2- stay in a state of GRATITUDE- one of the highest energy states you can live in Make it a game- everyday look for anything you can be grateful for. A few weeks ago, my toilet stopped up and suddenly it flushed. I was grateful there wasn’t a flood and no plumber to call. Yup…even your working toilet can put a smile on your face

Step 2: Visualize – Close your eyes and visualize your ideal client- how old are they, what is their profession, what do they value? Overjoyed to pay you, eager to invest in themselves..See all the details of this avatar. For example- they are 45 plus working mother who values personal development and eager to make positive changes in her life. She is open to change. Then, place your hands over your heart center and begin to visualize the feeling of already being energetically connected to your ideal clients. See and feel how great it is to work with her. See both of you co-creating and manifesting this goal or healing you provide. I do a form of this every night and I have had some “magical” results, using the principles of visualization and the Law of Attraction

Step 3: Clarify Your Mission – your mission is both your personal and life purpose; your mission is about how you want to guide and support people. It is the foundation of your purpose, passion and what lights you up. Here are some questions you can start with, to clarity of your mission:
• Why are you in business? What is it you want to achieve? What do you stand for? (empowerment, end hunger, finding meaning and purpose etc…) What breaks your heart? What excites you?
• As you begin to journal, you will have more clues of what drives you- your mission. Imagine waking up everyday, being really clear on your purpose and mission. That energy is contagious and your potential clients will see and feel it.
Your mission attracts your ideal group, differentiates you, people understand you care as people don’t buy your product, they buy why you…

Step 4: Elation – This word means great happiness and exhilaration. To mean it, gives the sense that something is MORE than joyful! What elates your ideal client? What makes them get out of bed in the morning? Elation helps you tap into the place where you can become passionate about serving them. What elates your clients elates you! Figure out what you can’t live without – that place of feeling is where you want to start.

Step 5: Be the Client You Want To Attract – Who do I need to be – in other words, what qualities do I need to develop or grow into to serve my clients in the most impactful way. Take note of these things and create a vision for yourself stepping into BEING the woman/man you need to be to create the feelings and experiences your ideal clients want to have.

Working through these steps will definitely attract to you some amazing new clients but you can’t stop there. As part of your own growth, make it a priority to be open and conscious of your energy every day. Expand your vision of who you are becoming.

You just discovered 5 key steps to magnetizing your ideal clients. And all of these steps will make a big difference in your success ; except for one more thing….
You need to take ACTION on what you just learned.

So…What’s one Action you will commit to take this week?

Wishing great abundance & joy….


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