sabotage-1We all have stories about struggle and everyone’s struggle is different.

As for myself, I grew up in a house of struggle. We always lived very modestly and there was never enough…lots of arguments about money and I often felt guilty to ask for anything I wanted.

Later,,,on I had many years of  struggle, getting my business off the ground and at one point even considered bankruptcy.And today I have a 6 figure business that I love and I get to serve the most wonderful clients and making a difference in the world.

My struggles were my teacher. I chose to learn from my parent’s and my own mistakes . Early on, I learned that when you want something , there’s always a way to manifest it.  Whether I wanted that new dress and decided I’ll work after school to get what I need ; or fighting breast cancer with courage…I learned through all those struggles, that I am infinitely strong in my spirit.  So, struggles have their gifts if you allow yourself to see it.

BUT…..we don’t want to stay in struggle….

So the question is, “How do I move out of struggle?”

Here is my #1 way that has helped me when I’ve stuck and lost or just wanted to uplevel my business. It’s also #1 way to help you when you are  hitting a glass ceiling with your income. It’s  the #1 strategy that other leaders in coaching and marketing and business industry use as well.


When you try to do it alone, it’s like swimming upstream. You may get there but it will take a lot longer with tons of stress along the way. Or you might hit that wall and give up.  If you want to grow your business and profits fast , your need support.  I would not have been able to do what I’m doing now and making the income I have without support.

As an example; One of my coaches showed us how to overcome objections in our sales conversation. It was one small tweak that I wasn’t aware of and that one tweak increased my conversions from 20% to 50-60%. That is huge!  And that is just example of many of what I learned.

There are many ways to get support:

  1. Masterminds- you are with a group of like minded professionals who help each other grow/challenge and support each other
  2. Coaching/Marketing courses- getting trained in a specific strategy that you need for your business
  3. Private coaching- get to work on you and your business and uplevel your success
  4. Hire a VA. Start to delegate the tasks you don’t want to do so you have more time in what you want to do
  5. Planning vacations and “me time”- so important for balancing your life and preventing burnout
  6. Joint ventures- partnering with complimentary colleagues to help and support and grow each others business

The message is….Don’t Do It Alone!    When you add support you decrease your stress, enjoy what you do , serve your people at a higher level and mega boost your profits!!!

Wishing you much joy & abundance

Ruth Stern
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