Tip #2 : Change Your Words…Change Your Life!

2 of the most powerful things you can do to become very very successful in life and business is…is to change the words and images you hold in your mind.  We create pictures in our minds and words all day long that either empower us or rob us of our ability to see the best possible outcomes. 

Have you ever been invited to a party and before you went, you began to tell yourself that you probably won’t have a good time because (you can fill in the blank)….as we come up with lots of reasons. You already made a decision before even going that you wouldn’t enjoy it….

or perhaps you also did the opposite…can you remember a time you revved up your energy and said things to yourself to get excited about something and you did….because of what you told yourself.

That is the POWER OF WORDS AND IMAGES…. Click below to learn more about how to change your words to change your life!


Wishing much abundance and joy as always..



New Year’s Tip #1 What Oprah Does Everyday

New Year’s Tip #1…….What Oprah Does Everyday…

Do you make resolutions and don’t keep them?
Do you make goals and by the end of the year, there’s some really important ones that are still not manifested?

Tune into the video below to find out what Oprah does every day….and this one thing is really key for us to pursue and follow through on what we want in life.

Wishing you the most amazing new year to come!

Ruth Stern


Nature is The Gateway To…

Nature is The Gateway To…


This new year’s, I hiked in a local park nearby to take some time and set my “soul goals” .  I’ve always been drawn to nature as many people are; to become totally focused and undistracted.  So I started thinking….WHAT IS IT ABOUT NATURE,  that inspires us?

So , I put on some great mellow music on and started walking and looking and observing everything…….As I looked at the trees, the sky, the sun….the earth….I tuned into how I felt in this awesome nature.

What I felt as I looked at all of this that surrounded me was….very peaceful, stillness, felt my breath, I saw how grounded the trees were in the earth and I could feel my groundedness in the sand beneath me.  I saw and felt the strength of the large trunks of the trees and the strong sun rays in the sky. And in that connection, that ONE-NESS is what I started to feel. The stillness and strength within nature is within me…within YOU….the peace and freedom within nature is within me…within YOU. It’s just a matter of connecting to it.

And within all of that, I now knew why NATURE IS THE GATEWAY TO GREATER WISDOM.  Because in quiet and stillness of nature there is room for me to see, feel and hear things I haven’t paid attention to because I get distracted by the noise of daily life. That noise can be so loud (all the to do lists, all the deadlines…the ongoing thoughts…) You can’t feel stressed and at peace at the same time. The Power of Nature is really overwhelmingly magnetic. .. and that soothing nature I feel quiets the noise.  It’s just me with the gift of nature.  And just like the trunks of the trees, I felt grounded…..and in the beauty surrounding me, I felt the deeper inner peace, the AWE of being in the moment and the perfection of it all…….

So, I started to ask my questions (that ultimately led me to my soul goals)…. like….What is missing within in me?  What do I want to grow and step into? Who do I want to become?

And answers started to come very quickly….because I was connected to nature and my Higher Power….and in that connection the clarity flowed.my heart opened to whatever came to me, and the abundance surrounding me reminded me that we have unending unlimited choices to live our life in the most amazing way!


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