3 Great Ways To End Suffering & Live In A Beautiful State!

Can you relate to any of this?
Do you sometimes obsess about things that stress you out?
Do fall into the “land of worry” or feel defeated?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you suffer anxiety or periods of depression?

These are all examples of states of some kind of suffering……and as Mark Nepo said….“when we are in states of grief or suffering it is a crisis of the soul”.

Today’s video offers you 3 ways to transcend suffering and move you into living into the “beautiful state” that our soul longs for……

7 Ways To Get Motivated & Unstuck!

7 Ways To Get Motivated & Unstuck!

Are you stuck on the couch?  Binge watching TV?  Are things piling up on your desk?  Or…maybe you feel you lost your way….  OK…..not to worry….who doesn’t get unmotivated…..

But staying in that place starts to feel depressing…as life and opportunities are passing us by….So….

Today’s video is for you, if you…

  • are procrastinating
  • have low energy
  • want to move through things but feel stuck or frozen
  • lost your “mojo”

But….don’t just watch this….choose one idea and do it!!!  YES!!!








Everything You Desire Is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

The universal principles emanating from the Law of Attraction help us understand why we don’t get what we want and what is blocking us.

If you have an experience where you have wanted something and tried things to make it happen, and you haven’t been successful, watch the video to learn about this ONE PRINCIPLE to help you open the door to greater manifestation!


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