Does this sound familiar?

* You make goals but are not accomplishing what you hoped for by the end of year

* You have ideas of what you wanted to happen, but time passed and you didn’t follow through on those ideas

* There are things you really want to make happen (build a new career, save money to travel, go back to
school, meet your soul mate…) but
you either made excuses not to follow through or there are some fears
holding you back

As we get older, we begin to realize how time passes by so quickly. Time is so precious. After reading Shonda Rhimes book, Your Year of Yes, I was inspired to get into the no excuse zone and start saying yes to those desires….the longings….and really tuning into what the deeper part of me (my soul) wants and saying YES. Go for it.

Today’s video is to inspire you to make this year, your year of YES!

Wishing your great joy and abundance!


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