2 Powerful Headlines To Captivate Your Audience!

Headlines!  A few simple compelling words can change everything!!!

My open rate is double the average open rate since I started creating compelling headlines. I’m sharing with you some of the secrets , so you can do the same!

You will learn:

  •  How great headlines can double or triple your email open rates and entice more people to sign up for you classes!
  • Headlines are both a science and an art. Watch the video to learn how to create them  easily!

2 Headline Templates

Solution Based Title

The Top 3 Strategies to ___________ (get a result your ideal clients crave)

Pain Based Title

The 3 Biggest Mistakes that keep _______(your ideal clients) struggling with ________ (specific problem)

Wishing Great Joy & Abundance!

Ruth Stern

How Small Wins Creates BIG Success

How Small Wins Creates BIG Success

I’ve had weeks of no new clients coming in

I’ve made calls (or connections) and not much is happening

I’m trying all these marketing strategies that don’t work for me

This is so discouraging…

Sound Familiar!

One of the ways we can lose motivation to do what we want to do; is because we have a series of rejections or “no”s and you’re just fed up or tired of this. It’s easy to lose your motivation and readiness to go forward when this happens.

In the video I show you the power of small wins that create a greater motivation to help you “get back in the saddle”.  Creating small wins puts in a state of positive steps to move “up the spiral” of success.

Enjoy and Create Your Wins!



The Real Reason You Don’t Follow Through

I know why I don’t follow through….I get busy…too many deadlines….the kids got sick…..vacation threw me off…..Do any of these sound familiar?

Those are reasons and excuses we give but there is a deeper reason “lurking behind the scenes” , (dum da dum dum…) that is the REAL REASON we don’t follow through. Find out in this video below!




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