A Magic Question To Breakthrough Blocks

I know first hand that when I’m feeling stuck or defeated or at a loss of what to do….it can feel so disempowering. Today, I share one of the most awesome tools I know of…which is the power of questions.

Years ago  , my parents sent me to private school run by 2 Rabbis. One of the things I cherish most, is how they encouraged us to ask questions. Why would God say…….Why did Adam and Eve……..anything we wanted to challenge or understand….the Rabbis would say…ask.  This led me to understand things at a deeper level and to become very introspective about all things. What a gift!

Questions open up our ability to go beyond our stuck thinking and move us into possibility.

Today’s video; what to do when you feel blocked or stuck ?  Using this one magic question opens up your perspective and offers possibilites that you might not have considered before!


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How To Get Motivated!

How To Get Motivated!

How To Stay & Get Motivated!    Learn 5 Tips to help you get your “mojo” back and move forward.  It’s normal to lose motivation when things are not going well. As an entrepreneur, we have many options to return to a higher state of being to get motivated again. Check inside the video for the tips!

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