The Success Mindset Breakthrough Audio Program

succcess-mindset-image1-300x254A Transformational Program

In this powerful audio program, “The Success Mindset Breakthrough: 30 Days to Release the Fears, Blocks and Beliefs that Stop you from Making a Great Income with your Business


Eliminating doubts and fears to build your ideal business. Releasing procrastination and creating great energy to follow through on your goals with greater ease and confidence. Becoming a magnetic manifestor for great abundance and wealth and much more.


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4 Steps To Blissful Sleep DVD Program

Plus 12 MP3’s – Digital Downloads for your computer or phone or Mp3 player

EFT-Blissful-Sleep-DVDHow to Overcome Insomnia

If you struggle with going to or staying asleep, then this DVD program is for you! This is the exact process I used to cure my own insomnia!

What’s Inside this DVD?

  • The 2 most important things you need to do daily to heal from insomnia – and it only takes minutes
  • A cutting edge technique to create emotional freedom, healing and wellness
  • Release from daily stress & anxiety
  • Release from anger & resentment
  • Relief from chronic worry
  • Relief from feelings of sadness
  • A special nighttime Insomnia “tapping” – this is your “sleep cocktail” that takes a few minutes and you’re ready to sleep!
  • 2 meditations for inner peace, rest and sleep

What Do the MP3’s Contain? Mp3’s are digital products that you can download to your computer, phone or mp3 player

  • You will have a video to demonstrate the EFT process
  • You will mp3’s to release all the major negative emotions
  • You will have the special tapping for sleep at night
  • You will have a breath meditation exercise for sleep
  • You will have some extra bonus tappings processes (not on the DVD program) for self forgiveness, raising your vibration and internal peace

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$57 per DVD plus all mp3’s

(plus shipping & handling)

7 Days of Meditation – For Inner Peace, Love, Sexual Energy, Vitality and more…

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cathyI am absolutely stunned how I have slept. I have tried everything. What a God send you are. Thanks so much.

Cathy L. Tigges, CTACC


Your insomnia tapping has been so beneficial…after one session, I found my sleep was deeper and longer than usual. What a great result since I didn’t think it would apply to me…..

Hillary S.

marnyFor the last 19 years, after being diagnosed with PTSD, I suffered, and I do mean suffered with Insomnia. I tried prescription medication, they eventually stopped working. Then I went to over the counter sleeping meds. They left me tired all morning, and feeling spacey…. Then…I began using Ruth Stern’s Insomnia DVD. First 2 nights I slept for a few hours, woke up early, then Night #3….a MIRACLE. I slept 7 hours straight!! No wake up to use the ladies room, just pure wonderful sleep. I told myself that day…I am on to something! Again, Night 4….another 7 hours, Night 5….another 7 hours. It’s now Night 9 and I’m sleeping like a baby! …. I am no longer an Insomnia sufferer. Bliss! Thank you, Ruth, Thank you!!

Marny Minarsch

Approximately a year ago I began experiencing difficulty in sleeping. When I did sleep, it seemed not to be restful. Several months ago I discovered Ruth Stern’s DVD, “4 Simple Steps To Blissful Sleep DVD. I started using this method as taught by Ruth. The results have been wonderful and I now fall asleep at night, quickly and easily. If I wake up in the night I am able to promptly fall back to sleep.

Bruce J. Simpson


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